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Borsch, 2019

Yuliya lives in a Russian provincial town Kolchugino, one of a thousand of the same in Russia. Over the past 20 years, little has changed here - the mentality of people has remained the same, buildings, salaries. But the views and dreams of adolescents about their future are becoming bigger. Last summer after graduation, first love, fun, sadness. For three months, teenagers live the whole spectrum of vivid emotions and carefree adventures, which most likely will not be repeated.



I live in Europe, the teenagers are different here - they have few dreams, only fun on their minds. In Russia, children aged 17-18 are much ‘older’, they know very well that their life will not differ much from the lives of their parents, but at the same time they have grandiose dreams of an incredible future. There, children are brought up in strict love, that’s why they prove themselves strong, and their weakness manifests itself in their friends’ circle. No one can afford expensive trips to Europe, expensive entertainment and things. They appreciate what is just around them.



This is the last summer in Yuliya’s hometown with her friends. Soon she will go to college and will work instead of the summer holidays. I have been friends with Yuliya since childhood, she was always very dreamy. She used to imagine the most fabulous future for herself. Soon she will follow design study, as she dreamt being the child. Unfortunately, our childhood dreams do not always come true, and we all fear failure, as does Yuliya.

 Grandmother cooked borsch for her, but Yuliya hates it since her childhood.